The saddest music in the world

He is actually convinced that a pair of beer-filled glass legs is worth car accidents and roadside amputations. He has even gone so far as suggesting I consider acquiring some myself. “It would be a splendid visual christmas gift for me!” From now on we only watch Disney. Well, perhaps we should also include some porn. Everybody needs a little porn now and again.

For those of you who might be a little lost, let me get you up to speed: Tony experienced a life-altering episode about a week ago. It started with the absinthe party in which Tony removed his tux and asked me to try it on. Yes, that’s right, he asked me to wear his tux. How could I say no? You see, I have never seen Tony without clothes, and more importantly, I have never had Tony ASK me anything.

So there I was dressed to the nines and he in his birthday suit and a curious thing happened: Tony wept. And my response was not very sympathetic–I unzipped my/his trousers and explained that now would be an appropriate time for me to receive some pleasure. It appeared that we had both lost our minds. Subsequently, we have been watching movies and trying to find ourselves. Or at least remember what used to be important. The tux has been at the dry cleaners. In its absence, Tony has developed a fondness for cuddling and I am still quite aggressive with my desire.


About German Jones

I am a librarian by day; I do all sorts of things at night.
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