At last.

My final memory is of Daniel. Thanksgiving night, a club in New York City. We smiled at each other and met on the dance floor. I allowed him to approach me. His older friend told me they were from New Jersey and that Daniel thought I was pretty. Daniel punctuated this with a kiss on the cheek. His friend, who also offered me a blowjob, told me he would translate. You see, Daniel speaks only Spanish. No need, I told him. I kissed Daniel and we danced. I gave him my ring (from a $.25 machine) and he put his necklace around my neck. A saint—the Virgin Mary. Golden. Before sunrise we ran down the street and said goodbye at the steps of the train. Forever, his long brown hair will be my fantasy.

Kristina, to whom I gave the necklace, is a dreamer. She felt bad and had no money so offered it to a homeless man (sleeping) on the steps of a church.

Tony, who is now jealous, reminds me that soon I will have no memory at all.


About German Jones

I am a librarian by day; I do all sorts of things at night.
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2 Responses to At last.

  1. Ms. Pipestem says:

    Tony is mad at me. I try to offer him some of my licorice; he turns away. I joke, I prod him with my rubber chicken.”Ha, ha,” Tony says. Then, again, he turns away.What have I done, I wonder? Tony’s magic 8-ball on the dresser lights up.Joking is amiss, it says. Sometimes Tony doesn’t want a joke. All I have in my pocket are some tortilla chip crumbs and the jotted beginning of another joke. What do you get when you cross a…I sigh. And hope Tony comes around soon, to see the velocity of my humble offerings.P.S. I thought at first this would be about a DIFFERENT Daniel… a far more mane-ier one.

  2. Tony says:

    I can’t compete with this. Okay, fine, I chuckled. A smile. You can now use my salsa. Up with Blurt!As for your Daniel–he wasn’t cute enough to hold my attention. And we shared no moments of note in the bandroom.’Nuff said.

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