Oh, Heavenly Day!

Good Morning… Do I have your attention? The undivided kind? Let’s hope so…

Patty Griffin just released her new album: Children Running Through. Well, really I suppose it was the powers that be, but it was finally made available. I downloaded mine a little over an hour ago. It hasn’t finished playing through and I’m already anxious to let you know it is one of those must have kind of albums.

If you have had any kind of conversation with me about music, odds are I have dropped her name to you. In fact, since I first heard her back in 1997, it has been a mission of mine to spread her love around. With this latest release there is a lot of love to give.

She opens with a sonically-spare “You’ll Remember”. A plea for a bit of recollection from who knows, but a perfect context for her brassy soprano voice. It is seductive and direct. Not so much a request as a command. Followed directly by this driving sorta beer-soaked groove called “Stay on the Ride”. If you don’t tap your foot you quite simply don’t have feet. And if she didn’t already own you, well, the third track “Trapeze” relaxes to let you know you don’t have a choice. It is a duet with her long-time friend EmmyLou Harris, sweet harmonies and dripping with the kind of sad storyline Patty tells best. But it is too pretty to feel anything but release. “Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah…”

Other huge standouts are “Heavenly Day” and “Up to the Mountains”. One is an ode to blue-sky-type mornings and the other a tribute for Dr. MLK, Jr. Please do yourself a favor today and pick this up. It will be like bringing your iPod to church.


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I am a librarian by day; I do all sorts of things at night.
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