Over time, I’ve learned that mindful stillness is the best approach. Upon waking, or still cuddled up in that pre-conscious moment, I’ve found that focusing upon the body and noticing all sensations makes the absorption process more natural. It is not important to try and determine location or gender or age, these factors are immaterial, the only element I concern myself with is awareness. Vestiges of this body’s former Mind still dance among the neurons, and if I listen to them I can understand the path we will soon be traveling together.

This morning I heard anxious rumblings of regret as the gray matter attempted to cycle through it’s usual routine. I felt hypertension squeezing the inner-workings of this body, my body I should say, as the blood flowed from heart to limbs and crotch and brain. I became aware of extra elements, symptoms of past discord, like body fat concentrated in the midsection and cholesterol lining the inside of veins. But I also acknowledged an optimistic calm in the act of breathing, a sure sign that the body was awaking in the exact position in the world it was supposed to be. And so I released my stillness and moved toward the the necessary innervation.

And so began another excavation. An attempt to uncover the truth of a human’s existence unclouded by anxiety and pain and allow this truth to move us along on the path toward nirvana.


About German Jones

I am a librarian by day; I do all sorts of things at night.
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