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Over time, I’ve learned that mindful stillness is the best approach. Upon waking, or still cuddled up in that pre-conscious moment, I’ve found that focusing upon the body and noticing all sensations makes the absorption process more natural. It is … Continue reading

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Il Tempo Passa

  Time passes. That’s the short and bittersweet of it. Let’s honor its passing with music (above) and some keen observations (below).  “To man, time is given like a piece of land, as it were, entrusted to him for faithful … Continue reading

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Hyacinth (Proposed lyrics for a theoretical country song)

I know this isn’t memory You and I never had much time We tried to fit within the space Of other lovers and doubtful minds In all those years together We could never figure where to go That borrowed car … Continue reading

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German’s Blog: A Life

It was early December, as far as I can remember, and I had moved to a new town. Being once again in school (a student instead of a teacher), I had both time to fill in my day and space … Continue reading

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ancient heavenly connection

…and so it was that we two were sitting there, young/old boys, together watching and dreaming (i was dreaming) of the past and also of this very moment.

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Cinco de Mayo

Inaugural post. Same old content, brand new look and location.  For some reason this was very important for me to accomplish. I haven’t written for a few months now, and I thought it was due to the lack of a … Continue reading

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The one you love.

It is odd that I feel the need to justify this, but I do. Perhaps it is his current incarnation as gay icon that makes me want to explain. To explain that it isn’t that he is an icon and … Continue reading

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